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Himanshu Sahajpal

Himanshu Sahajpal is the Founder of myARABPATI - {Fixed Deposit (7.50% p.a. lock-in period of 12 months) Mutual Funds, Motor/Travel/Health Insurance, Tax Saving, Financial Planning)} and Pie(π)10 - Buy/Sell Old Mobile/Laptop Mobile 📲📱 and Laptop Repair, Screen Guard/Change, Data Recovery, Battery Change, Compatible Chargers, Power Bank, Micro SD Card.

He was Born on 2 AUG 1981 at New Delhi, INDIA and started working in Private Companies and MNC's at a Young Age of 20 Years without any Business Background and Financial support from his Family. Himanshu did his Graduation in B.COM from Delhi University and also Completed DOEACC 'O' and 'A' Level Certifications from Ministry of Communication and IT. He has 20+ Year's of Experience in Advertising, Marketing, International Sales, Financial Planning, Tax Saving, Mutual Funds, General Insurance (Motor/Health/Travel) and Casual Content Writing. Himanshu is a Vivid Traveller around the Globe as he himself do not know when he will pack his Bags and will be going to which Destination Tomorrow.
He is very Calm, Soft Spoken and likes to speaks less however he Observes Everything. When People usually believes that he is not watching them and they can do whatever they can but Himanshu take a note of everything whatever is happening around him without even letting others know that he already knew it.

Apart from his Education at New Delhi he went to UK in the Year 2009 to be awarded a PGCert in Information Technology. At that time Himanshu was awarded with UK’s SHINE Award by his University and also receive other Certification’s for his Extra Curricular Activities he does after Extracting his time from so many Assignments he needs to Complete to progress his Course. As a Post Graduate student he took part in many Volunteer Activities at University and Local Communities Level. During his student life he also worked in many Events around the UK as a Part time worker on Minimum wage salary to pay some part of his Room Rent, Electricity/Gas/Wifi Bills to decrease the Financial Burdon from his Family in India who paid partially for his tution fees, House Rent and Food etc. Even after Completing his studies in the UK there was something missing from his Life so he made the decision to come back to India on 30 NOV 2011 to help his Developing Country to become the World’s Number 1 Country for Investors as well as Global students in the field of Education.

His Vision is very clear to keep the Cost of Business Low and Provide Value for Money Services and Products to his B2B and B2C Clients. Himanshu has also decided to keep the Headquarters of his Company within India and not to shift its Base to US/UK/Singapore/Ireland or any other Developed Country around the Globe and Looking forward to Govt. of India and other States Govt. to Support this Business Idea #StartUpIndia #StandUpIndia #Digitalindia

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